By: Dominick Coppola

Welcome to our inaugural blog post – Wellness, Prevention & Recovery!

I will be the primary author of this blog, which will focus on topics related to substance misuse and addiction, with an emphasis on overall wellness, prevention, and sustained recovery. I am an active board member for Prevention Links and a member of the board subcommittee of the Raymond Lesniak ESH Recovery High School, housed on the campus of Kean University in Union NJ, now successfully open and growing.

My audience is anyone who is seeking greater insight, different viewpoints, and facts about these topics. At times, the topic might be controversial. At other times, it might seem like “well, that’s something everyone knows about.” But, in reality, everyone who really should know probably does not. I will explore topics through the lens of public policy, trends, and science as well as personal experiences, and community and individual needs.

Wellness, Prevention & Recovery will be published on Prevention Links’ website and Facebook page, as well as the web site of the Chris Coppola CDUB Foundation, which I administer as a memorial tribute to my always wondrous son, Chris, who overdosed and, as a direct outcome, passed away five and a half years ago. (CDUB, which has a good story behind it, is a long-time nickname, given to Chris by some of his closest lifetime friends. )

I realize that not every topic and post will resonate with every subscriber. Yet, if one blog post has meaning for a single individual, appealing to them in some helpful personal way, it will be worthwhile. Of course, it is hoped that the appeal will be widely helpful. I hope to continue to voice clear and meaningful information, knowledge and thoughts for a long time.

Until next time,


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