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The Raymond J. Lesniak, Experience Strength & Hope Recovery High School is a unique partnership between Prevention Links, one of New Jersey’s leading non‐profits focused on substance abuse prevention, and the award winning Union County The Raymond J. Lesniak Experience Strength and Hope Recovery High School (E.S.H.) opened in September of 2014 and is the first public recovery high school in the state of New Jersey. E.S.H.’s mission is to create an environment where education and recovery from addiction go hand in hand.

Recovery Film Festival

Prevention Links, Capacity Images, and the Raymond J. Lesniak Experience, Strength and Hope Recovery High School are proud to present The New Jersey Recovery Film Festival. Our event is a celebration of film, the arts and creatively expressing the journey to recovery. We will be showcasing films that tell honest stories and share Experiences in addiction, Strength discovered on the journey and the Hope found in recovery. We are currently accepting films from all inspiring individuals, whether first-time filmmakers or seasoned professionals.

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